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The world is starting to Open up to travel

The last two years have been so hard

Not being able to travel the world and see friends

But it is slowly improving

I think small steps

At Lonely traveler productions our plans

Are to start travelling next year

We are busy travelling around England

And enjoying it

Seeing the history of old England

Just like this old ale House in Southampton

We have a big following on YouTube now

Plus we started a podcast All about Thailand

Can you imagine our surprise when

We find out that we now have a worldwide following of over 5k listening

every week


Another exciting moment was when

We opened our online shop

All about Thailand on spring

Selling around the world

We also now have a following on FB

With a loyal group of followers

My heart goes out to all of our friends

Around the world

And all our followers

Thank you so so much

Stay safe love you all

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