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The joys of travel

When you wake up, on that first morning

In a new place.

Your head starts racing, lets get up

And experience the day

The first thing for me,is the breakfast

Trying new things, tastes and flavours

The culture

Then its time to explore.

Every place is different

Let's get our walking shoes on first

I am sure there is alot of interesting stuff


After about 4 hrs, time for a break

After a good rest you can check out

All the good places to shop

Make sure you check out as much as you


Don't miss that bargain

Then there is the nightlife

The bars,restaurants and entertainment

Keeps you busy.

Then it hits you, time to return back

To the hotel

Sleep ready for the next days adventure

We must never loose sight of this

Covid 19 is rampant around the world

We will heal and yes things will change and be different

But we will never ever lose our love of travel

Stay safe, we love you all

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