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Let's talk about Bangkok in the rainy season

Welcome to "All About Thailand," your premier podcast for everything you need to know about the Land of Smiles! I'm your host, Mike and I am thrilled to have you with us today.

In today’s episode, we're diving deep into a topic that holds a significant place in the lives of everyone in Bangkok: the rainy season. With its dramatic skies and sudden downpours, the rainy season in Bangkok dramatically affects not just the weather, but almost every aspect of daily life.

We’ll explore how this season shapes the city’s vibrant atmosphere, from the lush, refreshed landscapes to the bustling street markets adapting to the wetter conditions. We'll also discuss the intricacies of navigating the city during these months, offering essential tips and updates to help you stay dry and efficient.

As always, staying informed is key, and I'll be bringing you the latest news and updates to ensure you're well-prepared for the rain. Whether it's advisories from local authorities, changes in public transport schedules, or the best rainy day activities, you've got it all right here.

We arrived yesterday during a huge downpour from our Village in isaan

Lastly, a huge thank you to all our listeners for tuning in. Your support means the world to us, and we hope to continue bringing you insightful and relevant content about this fascinating country.

So, put on your rain boots, and let's embrace the rainy season together. Stay tuned, and let's get started!

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