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All about Thailand podcast How it started

I first came to Thailand on a holiday from the UK

Within a very short time, I fell in love with the country and its people

Returned to the UK

Less than six weeks later, I was back renting an apartment in Bangkok

I just loved living in this vibrant bustling city

that is so diverse in customs and religious beliefs

I had to return to the UK to do some filming

But a few days before I departed I met my wife Kung in a coffee shop in Bangkok

When I returned to Thailand after my filming in the UK

I met up with Kung in the village which

Soon became the start of many years of happiness together

We set up two farms Rice and rubber

So we both could get an income

After a few years, it dawned on me, that I would love to tell people about my life in Thailand

And so All About Thailand was born

The podcast has been going now for over a year and to my surprise has gained worldwide coverage and over 275.000 followers

Thank you so much for sharing my love for Thailand and helping its people

I will put a link to the podcast

And a link to the subscriber based

Special edition below

Stay safe love you all

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