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Let's talk about Thailands bars

In Bangkok, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai, beer bars are a common sight, often frequented by locals and tourists alike. Many of these establishments employ women, often from northeastern Thailand, particularly the Isan region, who come to work in these bars to support themselves and their families. These women often work long hours, sometimes late into the night, serving drinks and entertaining customers.

The work in these beer bars can be physically demanding and emotionally challenging, as the women must deal with long shifts, sometimes dealing with intoxicated customers, and balancing the expectations of their employers and customers. Despite these challenges, many of these women work tirelessly to earn a living and send money back to their families.

It's important to recognize the resilience and hard work of these women, who often face societal stigma but are simply trying to make a living in a difficult economic environment. Many of them come from rural areas with limited job opportunities, and working in beer bars provides them with a means to support themselves and their families financially.

Come and join me on the podcast and find out more

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